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"Hallo Leute willkommen, tumblr hihime13 Abenteuerzeit Blog Ich bin Ihr Gastgeber Prinzessin Bubblegum. Wie Sie sehen alles, was geschrieben ist Abenteuerzeit Sachen und die meisten der Zeit, gehört nicht zu hihime13 und oftenly durch sorced und manchmal seine sorced
es ist falsch, und wenn ja gerade Mitteilung uns Ihren Namen und die URL Ihrer url bezogen und wir werden es beheben."-P.B.
(because pb speaks german we'll translate it for you "hello people of tumblr welcome to hihime13's adventure time blog. As you can see everything is adventure time and most of the time it doesn't belong to hihime13 and often sourced through but sometimes its sourced incorrectly and if so you can just message us your name and the url of it and we"ll fix it.")
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some doodles~


here is a couple better photos of my Adventure time guitar!

by Kandyce Bugg


Ok this is hilarious XD

whatevers-2009 asked: Oh my glob! What would happen if you had lumping kids? Would they die before they were even born!?



(This reply is in the “future”. FP is probably 26-27 here.)


"We have three now. They’re all alive and healthy.  They have a mix of Rainy’s and my power. It’s really interesting. Our oldest is a cool flame, meaning her flames won’t hurt anything and water doesn’t hurt her. She’s four."


"Then our two year old is more like me with flames. Except they’re red and do a little less damage we’ve discovered. That doesn’t stop her from running around on the grasslands and burn things."


"Then our youngest is like Rainy. He looks like a little copy of her. He doesn’t seem bothered when his sisters hold him and Doctor Prince said he has protection against fire. But we can’t really say anything until he’s able to use them." 


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